How to Choose a Wallet

Published by Mario Oettler on

Do your research!

The first starting point is researching for “Bitcoin wallet” in a well-known search engine. Avoid the ads! Look into the organic results. This should bring you to some overview pages where trustworthy wallets are listed.

For Bitcoin, a good resource is

For Ethereum, a list of wallets is here:

While these lists are well maintained, you still should do your own research, even if this sounds time-consuming. Remember, it is all about your money.

Once you found a wallet with your favorite features, search for scam reports about this wallet. If there are no severe issues, you can download it.

When downloading, use trustworthy sources like app stores or the official website of the wallet. The links on the lists above should guide you to the right download place. A good (but not 100% safe) way to determine trustworthiness is the ratings and download numbers in an app store. The higher, the better. How to use a wallet is explained in our Practical lesson – Sending and receiving Bitcoin.