Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Yes and no. There are courses that are accessible without registration. But there are some courses that need a registration. If you click on the course you will be forwarded to the enrollment formular if necessary. Otherwise you can start right away with learning.


Each course provides an e-mail address of the instructor. You can ask course-related questions by writing an e-mail.


Right now, we don’t issue certificates. But we plan certificates and ECTS courses in future.

Course Creation

All courses are created skilled and professional instructors selected by the BCAM and BCCM team. They have profound and cutting-edge knowledge in their field and are eager sharing their knowledge with you.


You can collect learntokens by completing topics and passing quizzes (only in the first two attempts). Currently only possible in the course “About Token And How To Mint Your Own NFT”! The prerequisite is that you are logged in and have installed and be logged in at the MetaMask browser extension. Make sure you are always connected to the same address of your account.

You can check on your profile page if you already have 30 Learntoken. If so, you can exchange them for a personalized badge. For mining the corresponding NFT you need a small amount of goerliETH.