Bloom Filter



Advanced Settings

With this tool, you can create a bloom filter by adding words to it. The added words are shown underneath the generated bloom filter. You can check if a word is “Definitely not” or “Probably” contained in the filter. The default settings for the bloom filter are:

The advanced settings allow you to change the parameters of the bloom filter and thus also the false-positive rate of it. Changeable settings are

  • number of bits per element
  • number of hashfunctions

The changed settings will apply to the already added words, but a word checked before, must be checked manually again. With an increased number of bits per element, you can see that the bloom filter will be longer. Both parameters influence the false-positive rate of the bloom filter. You can experience this when words, that are not added, are more likely to be classified as “Definitely not” than before.

The clear button resets all settings and removes the added words from the storage.