Bech32 Tool

Bech32 Tool

The Bech32 address format has advantages such as better adaptability to QR codes, improved error detection, and better understanding in conversations it was specified in BIP 173 and was later amended in BIP 350. This library can be used to encode any short byte buffers in Bech32 or its modified version, Bech32m.

Bitcoin Address Conversion

Data De- and Encoding

Encodes binary with the specified human-readable prefix into a Bech32(m) string. The case of the output will be the same as the case of the prefix: uppercase if the prefix is uppercase, and lowercase if the prefix is lowercase (or if the prefix does not contain any letters).


Encoded string consist of the following parts:

  • Human-readable part
  • Separator (1)
  • Data part
  • Checksum last 6 chars