Merkle Tree

BCAM Merkletree

Merkle Tree

  • Merkle Root

    = H(H(X)+H(Y))

    • H(X) = H(H(A)+H(B))

      • H(A)

        • Data A

      • H(B)

        • Data B

    • H(Y) = H(H(C)+H(D))

      • H(C)

        • Data C

      • H(D)

        • Data D

The Merkle Tree Simulator visualizes the working of a merkle tree with four nodes. You can input values in the data block A to D and see the changes of the hashes all the way to the merkle root live on input. On hovering over a data block, all necessary nodes that need to be checked to traverse to the data block are highlighted. The clear button resets the merkle tree.