Proof of Work

Proof of work simulator

Proof of Work Simulator

In this tool, the linking between the individual block is illustrated and it also shows how mining works in a model-like way. The first block with empty data and a previous hash (consisting of only zeros) is already mined. So a Nonce was found, which in conjunction with the data and the previous hash, creates a hash that starts with at least two zeros.

You can change the block and its hash, by adding/changing data or by using another nonce. If the given nonce does not create a matching hash, the block color changes to red. To demonstrate the dependency within a blockchain, all blocks following a wrong block are also marked as wrong. By hitting the button “Mine” a block will be mined – thus a nonce is searched that leads to a matching hash. During the simulated mining process, the “Mine” Button is not clickable again.

The Clear button resets all the blocks and mines a new first block.