Idea: Escrow with Punishment and Commitment and Non-Disclosure

Published by Mario Oettler on

In order to avoid disclosure of the strategy and salt before the reveal phase, we could allow Alice to submit the strategy and salt of Bob. If this guess is correct, she will receive the deposit from Bob. So, Bob would have no incentive to reveal his strategy and salt to Alice.

However, it doesn’t hinder him from telling Alice what he has committed to. It becomes only a bit more complicated. Bob might be able to do this cryptographically without revealing his salt. Another option would be to use an auxiliary contract. In this auxiliary contract, he could deposit a large amount of money. This money can only be retrieved back if Bob provides the correct values for his strategy and salt. He can do this by committing to the same hash he used in the commit scheme in the escrow contract. So, Bob’s thread becomes credible. Then, he makes Alice aware of this auxiliary contract.